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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions that are not answered below or to schedule a tour!
Is there a difference between a licensed facility and someone who is unlicensed?
Yes! As a licensed facility, we are heavily regulated by multiple state agencies. We encounter frequent inspections to ensure compliance and are required to maintain continuing education hours. While it is possible to find suitable care from someone who is not licensed, unlicensed providers are not held to the same standards as a licensed facility and often lack many of the standard safety features you will find in a licensed facility.
Do you have any openings?
In order to get the most current information regarding openings, please contact us by email or a phone call.
What systems are in place to make sure my child is safe?
Our facility is equipped with a direct reporting fire system, surveillance cameras and we have a large concrete room in case of a tornado. We also hold regular tornado and fire drills so that each child knows what to do in the event of an emergency. Each staff member is also CPR and first aid certified.
What age of children do you accept?
We are licensed to care for children from birth to 12 years old.
I only need child care periodically. Do you have any part-time positions?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide part-time care. If we have a position available, you are welcome to take the position and come as often as you would like.
Do you provide after school care?
Yes! We have limited after school care positions. Please contact us to see if any positions are available.
Do I have to provide a meal for my child?
No. Our facility participates in the United States Department of Agriculture's Child and Adult Care Food Program. You child will receive balanced meals and healthy snacks.
Can I provide my own food?
No. Because we participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program we provide food service for all children. We do not allow children to bring food into the facility. Menu exceptions are allowed for children with documented religious or medical reasons. If a special diet is required, you may speak to the director about supplying the necessary food.
How do you handle discipline?
Discipline will consist of: positive reinforcement, discussion, redirection and time out. Your child will have a time out of one minute per year of age. The use of physical punishment or verbal abuse will not be permitted. As your partner in caring for your child, it is important that good communication between the caregiver and parents exist.
Does your facility participate in state pay?
No. In order to keep our rates as low as possible, we chose to not participate in state pay.
Is preschool included in tuition?
What is the attendance policy when my child is ill?
Your child will be continually monitored for symptoms of contagious disease or illness. If your child has a fever (temperature of 100.0 degrees or more), is vomiting or has diarrhea, they will be sent home. The child must be fever free and symptom free, without the use of fever reducing medications, for 24 hours before they are able to return to daycare. In the event of contagious illness, the parent must provide a note from the child’s physician documenting the child may return to care. The note must be dated and also contain the date the child can return to care.
What items am I required to provide for my child?
Parents are required to supply diapers & pacifiers, two complete changes of clothing, pillow and blanket, appropriate outdoor wear according to the season, art shirt (oversized T-shirt), and an emergency backpack kit.
Do you close for holidays?
We are closed on New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & the day after Christmas.
Do I have to pay if my child is not in care?
Yes; however, unique to our family owned business, we offer 5 free days per year. Parents may utilize the free days any way they choose but once the free days are used you will be required to pay whether your child is in care or not. Free days cannot be utilized if your child is in care during any part of the day. Free days should be scheduled in advance, when possible. If a free day is used unexpectedly, your account will be credited the following week.
Do you have different rates for different age groups?
No. We have found that charging a consistent rate is easier for our customers and provides our program with stability.
Do you require a deposit?
Yes. We require one week tuition prior to your child attending, in addition to the first weeks tuition. If you provide the required notice upon separation, your deposit will be applied toward your child's last week of care.

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