Preschool for the week of November 2-6

Hello! I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend! I can’t believe it’s November already!
This month we will be exploring the Rainforest. The core concepts we will learn are the letters Dd, Jj and Mm, the numbers 5 and 6, the color green and the hexagon shape.

Monday: Jaguar
Circle Time: Save the Jaguar Home
Small Group (Literacy): Big Breath Names
Art: J is for Jaguar
Table Top (Math): Circle Spots
Book: The Umbrella
By: Jan Brett

Tuesday: Roots
Circle Time: We All Belong
Small Group: (Math): Plant Shapes
Art: Sprout Experiment
Table Top (Literacy): Hide the Jewel
Book: Susan Mitchell

Wednesday: Lily Pads
Circle Time: Lily Leap
Small Group(Math): Floating Lily Pads
Art: Lotus Flower
Table Top(Literacy): Rainforest Journal
Book: Who is the Beast
By: Keith Baker

Thursday: Mushroom
Circle Time: Safe to Eat:
Small Group(Math): Measuring Mushrooms
Art: Mushroom Math
Table Top (Literacy): Picking Mushrooms
Book: No Room for Mushroom
By: Sierra Falconer

Friday: Leafcutter Ant
Circle Time: Carrying Leaves
Small Group (Literacy) I Spy an Ant
Art: Egg Carton Ant
Table Top (Math): Ant Patterns
Book: Who Lives in the Rainforest