Preschool for the week of October 26-30th

This week we will talk about crawling things such as, caterpillars, slugs, beetles, inchworms and centipedes. We will discuss more about a butterflies lifecycle and learn the letter Uu. On Friday, we will celebrate Halloween!!

Monday: Caterpillar
Circle Time: My Favorite Food
Small Group (Literacy): What Am I?
Art: Caterpillar
Table Top (Math): Constructing Caterpillars
Book: Ten Little Caterpillars
By: Bill Martin Jr.

Tuesday: Slug
Circle Time: Slow Slug Friends
Small Group (Math) Bug Math
Art: Slug
Table Top (Literacy) Slug Trail
Book: Slugs
By: Valerie Bodden

Wednesday: Beetle
Circle Time: 1 Beetle, 2 Beetles
Small Group (Literacy) Building B-e-e-t-l-e
Art: Bug cards
Table Top (Math): Under the Beetle
Book: Beetle Bop
By: Denise Fleming

Thursday: Inchworm & Centipede
Circle Time: Itsy, Bitsy Inchworm
Small Group (Math): Inchworm Race/Bug moves
Art: Inchworm
Centipede (Math): Centipede Dominos
Book: Inch by Inch
By: Leo Lionni

Don’t forget your costumes!