Preschool for the week of October 5-9th

October’s theme is Bugs & Crawly Things! The Core Concepts we will learn are the letters Cc, Nn and Uu, the color orange, numbers 3 and 4 and rectangles. The kids are working hard on learning to write their names or the first letter of their names on their papers. I am so proud of them!

Monday: Ladybugs
We will learn about different types of ladybugs and how many spots they have. We will practice counting ladybug spots, writing our names and making name dots, make a ladybug headband and learn a ladybug dance!
Book: Ten Little Ladybugs
By: Melanie Gerth

Tuesday: Spiders
We will look at different types of spiders. During small groups the children can make their own spiders out of playdough and count out eight legs for their spiders. We will make spiders out of paper cups and yarn and practice making the letter Cc out of playdough.
Book: The Not So Scary Hairy Spider

Wednesday: Grasshopper
We will learn how grasshoppers communicate and how far they can jump. In small group we will play an I spy grasshopper game.
Book: The Three Butterflies
By: Chris Lensch

Thursday: Ant
We will talk about how ants live and work. The kids will make anthills, practice counting ants and putting them in colonies and write the letter Cc in sand.
Book: The Three Butterflies
By: Chris Lensch

Friday: Bee
We will learn about different types of bees, queen bees and worker bees. We will begin working on our journals, make bee designs using pattern blocks and make beehives.
Show & Tell Day!!!